Hello, and welcome to my new site. Basically, I travel, research, write, teach, make art and play music professionally. At present, my visual arts are photography/mixed media/watercolors and making frescos, using Medieval materials and techniques. Recently I've been busy creating a series of oceanic cave art frescoes. The Seahorse (pictured) is one example, made in Hawaii this year.

For eight years I've worked as a professor of art history at the University of Maryland-UMUC (online) and have received 4 Fulbright Scholar awards to Germany and Bulgaria. Recording and preserving visual culture are primary interests. Just recently, I have joined the faculty at Azusa Pacific University in their Modern Art History Online Masters Program. Check it out at http://www.apu.edu/cma/vpa/artdesign/modernarthistoryonline/

Please visit the Artist Statement which includes a growing list Project links. The Gallery and BIO/CV tabs will provide more information. Questions? Click on Contact. Enrolled in my Modernist Art History Courses? Check the Resources when notified. A password is required so e-mail me to obtain access. artist@geneberryhill.com. You may also join my mailing list for updates.  

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