Book One text completed!

Greetings Fellow Readers and Trekkers, 

For a number of years people have encouraged me to write an art history book, so am putting aside showing artwork for the most part to give fuller attention to finishing this project. It will not be the typical art history survey text as it will include biblical aspects left out of other art history texts, and will be going in depth with critical and comparative analyses, inspirational and cultural aspects as well as attention to beauty and form. Also included are my experiences of travel and  photography, at times as a primary resource. It is time to get it done! 

This work is sizable so will be divided into about 8 books. The first one is nearly ready and will cover the primeval through ancient periods (though others are close to being finished as well). Book One will start with varied perspectives on the beginnings of time--information from oral histories and the earliest mark making known to humanity and then will finish up with Egypt, Israel and the Temples. Images, artworks, artifacts and monuments that I have shot will be featured from different parts of the world. Book Two will cover the Greek and Roman periods.

UPDATE: First notated draft of Book One completed!

Gene Berryhill