ARTIST STATEMENT: Georgia “Gene” Berryhill is an artist and art historian who is concerned about our environments, protection of people and their significant material culture worldwide. For example, she shot 200 photographs of an environmentally devastated region near Cottbus, Germany, and created a documentary presentation called “Transforming Landscapes.” The IBA presentation promotes awareness of industry’s environmental, social and spiritual impact and focuses on the unique culture that was wiped out in Cottbus during the GDR years. “Awareness is an important factor in promoting successful environmental change,” Berryhill says. “I’ve found that beauty helps to attract people to important causes, so I try to share the beautiful moments along with the issues of truth I’ve encountered.” (Walden Journal) Please visit my other projects as well as my portfolio by clicking on the links.

cultural-heritage-conservation-restoration-and-exhibition.ppsx *Presentation on cultural heritage with several images and resources--given in London, England--Fulbright Conference 5.45 MB
lithics-caa-berryhill-4.pps *Lithics Visualization for Analysis of
Patterns and Aesthetic Presentation.
Neolithic arrowheads from Jordan. Presented at a CAA Conference, L.A. Convention Center .
8.13 MB
The Middle Ages and Christian Depictions of Jews in Art This was a collaborative seminar given with Dr. Judith Rood at Biola University. 3.19 MB
The Fresco: A Model for International Education This presentation shows frescoes created worldwide and from different periods. It explains the importance of the fresco as a learning experience as they record knowledge about other cultures as well as our own in uniquely aesthetic ways. Also included is an overview of how a fresco is made--start to finish. 2.62 MB
The Church & Art History-German Reformation German Reformation Art Revisited for Inclusion into Academic and Popular Culture 1.9 MB
berryhill-iba.pps *IBA Landscape Conservation Project in Cottbus, Germany 2.89 MB
Documental Photography Presentation given to students for field and studio work. 628 KB
Portfolio Overview presentation given at the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria and the American University at Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. 14.1 MB