Bio and CV Highlights


Gene Berryhill was a Fulbright Senior Scholar in 2003, 2005 to Germany and Bulgaria in 2010 and 2016-17.
Disciplines: Photography/Art History/Archaeology with emphasis on preservation and restoration of artifacts, cultures, and their visual material. Comparative interests include Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox studies with photo collections taken in various European locations. Inquiries involve examination of the similarities and differences and what affects what artists make and why they make art. 

Dr. Berryhill  has served as Fulbright applications reviewer for four countries, a Fulbright board member and has been the recipient of an NEH collaborative research grant (2006-2009). 

Education: three degrees in art/design/art history. Teaching: universities in California, Germany, Bulgaria, China, Hawaii, New York, and Pennsylvania. Current position--Full Professor of Art History--adjunct, University of Maryland-UMUC. Recipient of two academic awards for "in the field" professional projects. 

Travels include several countries working as a documental photographer recording Medieval sites, manuscripts, Neolithic artifacts, devastated environments and various periods of material culture. 

Exhibition credits are numerous, including the American Embassy-Berlin, Germany. Mainly due to grad studies in Early Christian and Medieval Art plus photographing hundreds of frescoes, current art practice involves the creation of buon frescoes using the same materials and techniques from the Middle Ages. (See the Fresco links within the Artist Statement tab.) Other galleries have exhibited black and white plus color photographs, mixed media works and watercolors.

She and husband Bob traveled to Tennessee and spent two weeks on a lake in the woods, living on a houseboat to conduct archaeological research on the Prehistory of the Native American Cherokee. Photo below of Gene by Mom--Bliss Berniece Sells. Collage and background photo: Gene (Sells) Berryhill

Ziesar Castle--NE Germany c. 925. Fresco theme: Root of Jesse (Isaiah 11:10). Photo: Ziesar staff.

Medieval fresco-Petka at Balsha Village, Bulgaria. Photographer: Gene Berryhill

Hiperspace display of Neolithic arrowheads from Jordan. Photographer: Gene Berryhill (standing to the left). Photo of Gene: UC San Diego, CA staff.

Native American knives and sheaths. Photographer: Gene Berryhill