New Fiction Book Published on Amazon!

My second fiction book is finally available--Vandora's Flight! 

Go to and type in Gene Berryhill to download this book. 

Also available is my first book, Mystery in the Gallo Mountains

I hope you'll give…


Creatives Who Thrive

Hi, I’m back again.
This time I want to introduce you to a new video series called “Creatives Who Thrive.” It is about how various types of artists from painters to musicians to writers and so on monetize and invest…


Book One text completed!

Greetings Fellow Readers and Trekkers, 

For a number of years people have encouraged me to write an art history book, so am putting aside showing artwork for the most part to give fuller attention to finishing this project. It…

Fulbright to Bulgaria: 2016-17

October 1, 2016--Arrival! 

Settling into the new apartment and neighborhood near downtown Sofia. 


•Fulbright Orientation 
•Thanksgiving at the Ambassador's Residence--
   Hosts: Ambassador Erik Rubin and Mrs. Nicole Simmons

Conferences, Presentations Attendance: 
•Bi-National Commission: Presentation: “Cultural Preservation…