My book, Ripples From the Holler has been published and is available at most bookstores such as amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. 

Please consider writing an honest review at amazon (see link above) whether you obtained the book through amazon, any other bookstore, borrowed it from someone, or? I would really appreciate it and your feedback would be most helpful, especially as I forge ahead with writing book 2. Many thanks, Gene

Here is a brief introduction: 

Ripples From the Holler is a fictional trilogy blended with historical touchstones that recounts the extraordinary adventures of an American mixed-blood family who survived trials and hardships through the early 1900s back to the early 1800s. Truth, deception, and the mystic merge into peculiar twists and turns––times of elation and tragedy as the line transitions from Indian lifestyle to White civilization—hunter-gatherers to farmers. 

Indian ancestors, the lore of Tennessee hill folk, effects of the Great Depression, bits of Civil War traumas, and Indian battles that raged across the plains and woodlands unfold. Narrated by a tenacious, feisty character whose life is deeply affected tells all––up front and personal. 

Fantasy with action, mystery, and the supernatural are entwined together, spiced with a pinch of romance, some rippling across to the Tennessee river waters from faraway shores.

Rough sketches of key characters and landscapes are interspersed throughout to magnify the text visually tracing this remarkable line of kin, held together by God, love, and pure grit. 

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Current Occupations:  I travel, research, write, make art and play music professionally. At present, my visual arts are sketching and painting. 

Creatives Who Thrive  

Hi, I’m back again.
This time I want to introduce you to a new video series called “Creatives Who Thrive.” It is about how various types of artists from painters to musicians to writers and so on monetize and invest in their careers so they can keep doing what they love and sustain a livelihood. Not a super star? Don’t want to be the “starving artist?” Well, this is for you! 

BTW, I will be one of the first guests interviewed so tune in and subscribe to Creatives Who Thrive YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCd0GweEzWSHxwmn0R81u5KA

To go directly to my interview: https://youtu.be/ophnjiXzVVs

It’s free and I can’t wait to find out new tips from other artists. The host is Deven Berryhill and yes, we’re related. How? If you don’t yet know, check in to find out. 

Fulbright to Bulgaria: 2016-17 

October 1, 2016--Arrival! 

Settling into the new apartment and neighborhood near downtown Sofia. 


•Fulbright Orientation 
•Thanksgiving at the Ambassador's Residence--
   Hosts: Ambassador Erik Rubin and Mrs. Nicole Simmons

Conferences, Presentations Attendance: 
•Bi-National Commission: Presentation: “Cultural Preservation and Exhibition Using Digitized Images and Cyber-Technologies.”
•Fulbright Commission: Presentation of artworks and the experiences of four Fulbright grants involving art, art history, photography, and archaeology. 
•National Academy of Art 100th Anniversary Celebration and gallery Exhibition of Past Rectors' works.
•Balkan Heritage Foundation: Attendee at the BHFS, my Fulbright host in 2010. 
•American University in Blagoevgrad: Lecture and presentation of artworks and the experiences of four Fulbright grants involving art, art history, photography, and archaeology. Title: "The Concept of Beauty." Host: Professor Bill Clark.
































  •Sasho (MA student), Boyan Dobrev (director), Stela (MA student), Gene (professor)
(left to right)

•Graduate students' diploma presentations of their portfolios to the faculty, students, and other attendees (above right)

•Gene in front of The National Academy of Art in Sofia. (above left)





•Research: Thracian/Medieval frescoes--architecture and artifacts. Sizable collection of relevant books obtained for ongoing projects. 

•Site/City Visits: Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, National Art History Museum, Boyana Church (pictured above with Fulbrighters and Bob), Sofia Archaeology Museum, National Art Museum, NAA Library, Plovdiv, Bobosko, Blagoevgrad, Sandanski, Melnik, Skopja, Macedonia. 

•Written paper for Conference Publication -  the Bi-Commission: “Cultural Preservation and Exhibition Using Digitized Images and Cyber-Technologies.”

•Bulgarian National TV (BTV) Appearance: Interview and discussion about Fulbright and life as an artist and musician. At the Cultural Palace.
More coming soon!

Donation of American Art and Culture textbook in English and book exchange-- bi-lingual monograph of
Bulgarian artist, Hehob.
National Art Academy Library, Sofia.


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