Hello, and welcome to my site. Basically, I travel, research, write, teach, make art and play music professionally. At present, my visual arts are drawing, painting and making frescos, using Medieval materials and techniques. Recently I've been busy creating a series of oceanic cave art frescoes. Visit the gallery for examples.
For over 12 years I've worked as a professor of art history at the University of Maryland-UMGC (online) and have received 4 Fulbright Scholar awards to Germany and Bulgaria. Recording and preserving visual culture are primary interests. Frescoes are my focus.

Please visit the Artist Statement which includes a growing list of Project links. The Gallery and BIO/CV tabs will provide more information. Questions? Click on Contact. Interested in downloading resources?

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New Fiction Book Published on Amazon! 

My second fiction book is finally available--Vandora's Flight! 

Go to amazon.com and type in Gene Berryhill to download this book. 

Also available is my first book, Mystery in the Gallo Mountains

I hope you'll give them a read and tell me what you think! 

ps. Third book in progress--The Way of Will.

Creatives Who Thrive  

Hi, I’m back again.
This time I want to introduce you to a new video series called “Creatives Who Thrive.” It is about how various types of artists from painters to musicians to writers and so on monetize and invest in their careers so they can keep doing what they love and sustain a livelihood. Not a super star? Don’t want to be the “starving artist?” Well, this is for you! 

BTW, I will be one of the first guests interviewed so tune in and subscribe to Creatives Who Thrive YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCd0GweEzWSHxwmn0R81u5KA

To go directly to my interview: https://youtu.be/ophnjiXzVVs

It’s free and I can’t wait to find out new tips from other artists. The host is Deven Berryhill and yes, we’re related. How? If you don’t yet know, check in to find out. 

As a final note, my second eBook of fiction should be posted on Amazon.com this week and is titled Vandora’s Flight. It is a continuation of the first work titled, Mystery in the Gallo Mountains, is twice as long and has several new sketches. Let me know what you think, my friends, because you are my best editors!

Book One text completed! 

Greetings Fellow Readers and Trekkers, 

For a number of years people have encouraged me to write an art history book, so am putting aside showing artwork for the most part to give fuller attention to finishing this project. It will not be the typical art history survey text as it will include biblical aspects left out of other art history texts, and will be going in depth with critical and comparative analyses, inspirational and cultural aspects as well as attention to beauty and form. Also included are my experiences of travel and  photography, at times as a primary resource. It is time to get it done! 

This work is sizable so will be divided into about 8 books. The first one is nearly ready and will cover the primeval through ancient periods (though others are close to being finished as well). Book One will start with varied perspectives on the beginnings of time--information from oral histories and the earliest mark making known to humanity and then will finish up with Egypt, Israel and the Temples. Images, artworks, artifacts and monuments that I have shot will be featured from different parts of the world. Book Two will cover the Greek and Roman periods.

UPDATE: First notated draft of Book One completed!

Gene Berryhill

Fulbright to Bulgaria: 2016-17 

October 1, 2016--Arrival! 

Settling into the new apartment and neighborhood near downtown Sofia. 


•Fulbright Orientation 
•Thanksgiving at the Ambassador's Residence--
   Hosts: Ambassador Erik Rubin and Mrs. Nicole Simmons

Conferences, Presentations Attendance: 
•Bi-National Commission: Presentation: “Cultural Preservation and Exhibition Using Digitized Images and Cyber-Technologies.”
•Fulbright Commission: Presentation of artworks and the experiences of four Fulbright grants involving art, art history, photography, and archaeology. 
•National Academy of Art 100th Anniversary Celebration and gallery Exhibition of Past Rectors' works.
•Balkan Heritage Foundation: Attendee at the BHFS, my Fulbright host in 2010. 
•American University in Blagoevgrad: Lecture and presentation of artworks and the experiences of four Fulbright grants involving art, art history, photography, and archaeology. Title: "The Concept of Beauty." Host: Professor Bill Clark.
































  •Sasho (MA student), Boyan Dobrev (director), Stela (MA student), Gene (professor)
(left to right)

•Graduate students' diploma presentations of their portfolios to the faculty, students, and other attendees (above right)

•Gene in front of The National Academy of Art in Sofia. (above left)





•Research: Thracian/Medieval frescoes--architecture and artifacts. Sizable collection of relevant books obtained for ongoing projects. 

•Site/City Visits: Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, National Art History Museum, Boyana Church (pictured above with Fulbrighters and Bob), Sofia Archaeology Museum, National Art Museum, NAA Library, Plovdiv, Bobosko, Blagoevgrad, Sandanski, Melnik, Skopja, Macedonia. 

•Written paper for Conference Publication -  the Bi-Commission: “Cultural Preservation and Exhibition Using Digitized Images and Cyber-Technologies.”

•Bulgarian National TV (BTV) Appearance: Interview and discussion about Fulbright and life as an artist and musician. At the Cultural Palace.
More coming soon!

Donation of American Art and Culture textbook in English and book exchange-- bi-lingual monograph of
Bulgarian artist, Hehob.
National Art Academy Library, Sofia.


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