Creatives Who Thrive

Hi, I’m back again.
This time I want to introduce you to a new video series called “Creatives Who Thrive.” It is about how various types of artists from painters to musicians to writers and so on monetize and invest in their careers so they can keep doing what they love and sustain a livelihood. Not a super star? Don’t want to be the “starving artist?” Well, this is for you! 

BTW, I will be one of the first guests interviewed so tune in and subscribe to Creatives Who Thrive YouTube Channel:

To go directly to my interview:

It’s free and I can’t wait to find out new tips from other artists. The host is Deven Berryhill and yes, we’re related. How? If you don’t yet know, check in to find out. 

As a final note, my second eBook of fiction should be posted on this week and is titled Vandora’s Flight. It is a continuation of the first work titled, Mystery in the Gallo Mountains, is twice as long and has several new sketches. Let me know what you think, my friends, because you are my best editors!